Thursday, August 11, 2011

The story of Sparky and the random band

     Sparky was a mild mannered DJ just walking down the street one day when the robots from the year 2040 came and abducted him.  He woke up locked in a basement with all sorts of strange electronic equipment and odd instruments.  The robots came in and said "Make us some beats"  There was an organ, theremin, piano, drum machine, effects pedals, didjeridoo, and more but no turntables.   
       Sparky had no idea what he was doing but he went to work making noise.  They locked him up and kept saying "Bring us more beats."  After a while they captured his wife and allowed her to help him.  This just aided his escape.  Together they used the power of BASS to bring down the walls.  So after 30 days they were free and reunited. 
      They kept copies of all their work and now make experimental films and keep making the strange things happen (everyday)