Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Putting all the ducks in a row

    All my life I have been active in the arts.  I began drawing and singing as early as I can remember.  I just moved to painting in the last 6 years or so.  I go through bursts of output and dormancy.  One day I decided to fuse various hobbies together.  Making videos using the art I had made as well as footage my wife and I had taken over the years and layering it with my new love experimental music. 
     My brother introduced me to turntables a long time ago.  I learned to play and make didjeridoo's from Bart Bagnall while working at the Renaissance festival.  (I'll share some adventures from that time later).  I learned organ and piano at a very young age.  I should have known I would end up playing experimental music on an organ, I used to sit at my Grandparent's old organ for hours.  The theremin, guitar and percussion I am teaching myself as I go. 
    So this is still strange uncharted territory but I can't wait to see and hear what comes out next. 

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Keep making the strange things happen (everyday)

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